A Co-operative Profit Sharing Association
Fortunity Alliance Network

About Us

The Journey of a Lifetime


There is no greater adventure than having a part in changing the world into a better place.

That said, one must acknowledge that this goal is something that one person cannot do by himself. It requires a team of positive thinkers... Unafraid of shaking some trees of the established powers.

When I first started out building the FAN concept, everyone asked me if I came up with it, and I always replied with a 'puzzled' yes. But as things started to take shape and the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together, I got more and more convinced that I'm just the person who initiated the concept, put in place the algorithm that would make it possible for this incredible concept to take shape.

The FAN concept is a culmination of all past experience that crossed my path. From having a father who is expert in sales and motivation, a true helper for people in search of themselves, to being fortunate enough to be able to meet true Visionaries. This taught me to see the world in a different light.

The Co-operative profit sharing system would also have been impossible if it wasn't for meeting some of the world's top programmers, and being able to hold the concept to a critical light.

Without realising it, all of them and many more have helped realize a new revolutionary concept that has the power of positivity in itself. And is built on nature's law that allow it to dynamically spiral itself into higher levels.

I welcome all people who knowingly or unknowingly want to join me in my journey.

Co-operatively yours
Gerry Dekens

Core Goals

  • Uniting multiple industries

  • Uniting multiple companies

  • In almost all niche markets

  • Reaching all target audiences

What is FAN

  • A Co-operative Profit Sharing Association

  • Aggregates a revenue share from all its client companies

  • Traces the originating path of the revenue stream

  • Uses a democratic system to distribute 100% profit share

  • Unique natural algorithm

Mission Statement

Fortunity Alliance Network aims to attract Positivity, Passion and Balance into a new type of economic model, without destroying tried and tested ways.