A Co-operative Profit Sharing Association
Fortunity Alliance Network


Multiple opportunities

At FAN, we offer you multiple opportunities to achieve your success.

You can choose the vehicle that suits you best. Even if you want to combine multiple interests, that’s not a problem at all. FAN gives you the opportunity to monetize on an endless stream of online niches or interests.

There's a sense of power and accomplishment that comes from being able to live life on your own terms.

Doing what you like most and making money while doing so.

Contact information


Fortunity Alliance Network VZW

2440 Geel




Call us:

+32 493 445 853, +32 14 24 85 11

How to participate?

The only thing you’ll have to do, is to join one of the preferred partners in the FAN Network.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a customer, an associate or an affiliate. You’ll automatically get a position in FAN. That way, you too can benefit from the revenue of all companies associated to the FAN Network.

The co-operative model will ensure that the collective will be stronger than the sum of all the parts combined.

Don't let this chance slip by!