Advertising Agency A Proprietary Advertiser - Publisher Marketplace for keywords

A one stop shop for any advertiser to promote their brand on our own Advertising Marketplace. The ads will then be displayed on our own portals or in our own communities, as well as on Third-party publishers.

Adult Aloud The solution for the ailing adult industry

One of the major online markets is the adult industry. For the technical side, this is the most advance developments can be found in this industry. But from growth perspectives concerning income and revenue, the Adult industry has been in problem in the last few years. Being part of a new global concept with open up new perspectives for this industry.

Financial Institution A balance economic model needs a financial institution to support it

FAN is in the process of making a new balanced economic system. In the coming years, we will be putting all the necessary elements in place to form this balance. One of the last, yet major keystone elements is the forming of its own financial entity. More information on this will be released when developments are in a finalising stage.

Travel Organisation An all-round travel organisation

The travel industry is a billion industry and there are multiple ways of entering this market and capitalising on the ever-growing Travel Trends. Travel Agencies, Travel Resorts, Travel Transportation and a lot more. The FAN community is especially well suited to enter these markets as a major player.

Dating and Adult dating Group of Dating communities in all niches

FAN is a people’s business, and focusses on markets that are dictated by the people themselves. One of the biggest markets of the people is dating. Dating is a hugely popular industry that is built up out of multiple different niches. Our dating CMS (Content Management System) will provide a solid base to enter any of those niches at our own discretion.

Perpetual Markets A regulated Segregated Trading Broker

In future developments, FAN will co-operate with a fully proprietary Forex Broker. This broker will function as broker for Tradeland’s marketing entities. And on the other side will cater to the open market, attracting trading customers worldwide.

NextICS, the Next Internet Commissioning System Promote products, or sell your products in our affiliate network

As a provider of products you can use NextICS as a gateway to specialised and targeted affiliate marketeers. They’ll promote your product to their niche like you could never do yourself, on a no cure no pay system.
For advertisers, find the product you want to promote, that suits your needs, and create an income for yourself.

Real-estate Investment Real-Estate investments accessible for the general public.

Investing is Real-Estate is usually only for the wealthy. The bigger you can invest, usually, the bigger the returns are. But what if you could Investing in real-estate using the crowd funding principle, where the chunks of investments would be sized down so that everyone was able to invest. A democratic way to participate in the most stable investment methods.

Small Business Collection of tools for Small Business owners

Small businesses need tools to expand their operation online. They need a domain, a website, hosting, webshops, payment systems, business mail, CRM systems, ERP systems, and we can go on for a while. A big market that needs high quality tools.

Fortunomics Gambling, Gaming & Sports betting

In recent years, the Casino industry with its casino games, sports betting and poker rooms has boomed online, and is still a major industry. Gaming has a multi Billion euro turnover. both industries require enthusiast developers. We have multiple of those, in different niches.